bless your heart white women

i have white women friends. [insert “i have black friends” comparison]. i like them. understand them and know a handful that are phenomenal (y’all know who you are because i’ve told you). but some bother, confuse and vex my spirit. how they vote proves it.

in 2016, exit polls showed that 52% of white women voted against another white woman. against! this after the man they voted for grabbed their pussies, had side chicks and wants to control their bodies. in last night’s midterm elections, 59% voted for status quo in texas. but that guy in texas wants to control your body, too. according to cnn exit polls, 49% of white women voted for democrats and 49% voted republicans in the 2018 mid-term elections. their not knowing who they are and what they want is what give me pause. what! do! you! stand! for?!?!

one thing about black people, especially black women, for bad or good, is that you know what you’re getting. no matter the situation, you know. when i go visit my parents, i know my mama is going to have a stack of things for me to take back home. i will doubt taking it and she will insist. i also know her thoughts on me being gay. it ain’t gonna change and i don’t force it. not the most progress perhaps, but i know what i’m getting and it’s rooted in love and respect. i know when i go to any black house for a cookout (any black house!), there’s going to be potato salad. it will be yellow or off white but it will always be cold. white women are different. they serve hot and cold ‘tata salad. some of them say one thing to appease you, then do another behind your back. or worse, they say nothing at all. i remember in 2008 a white woman colleague was a huge obama supporter. had obama stickers everywhere. but i always knew she would never, nor wanted to, see other black men the way she saw obama and that bothered me. she was fascinated with him, not all of us. she never sought understanding and i never trusted her fake, lipstick on teeth smiles.

i’ll never advocate for any group being a monolith. difference is fine but there’s power in numbers. and unified voices speak loudly and we know what they’re saying. i also know that the lesser of evils are a tad bit easier to deal with, so… bless your heart white women. just bless your heart. when you know what you want, let us know.

a boy who loves – j. darius greene

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