for boys who love, is the debut book of poetry by j. darius greene. an introspective and deep look into the hearts and minds of black men, for boys explores the strives for love – the want of it, the won’t toward it and the push and pull in between. this is a book on new things. on remembering. and forgetting. this is a book on desire. feel the love here.

reviews of for boys who love:

“More than a book of poetry, this is a collection of truths. The author poured himself into this work. One can easily find himself (or herself) in one or more of these dynamic pieces.”

“Good Stuff! The title mentions boys, but i believe the poetry is for everyone. The poems are vivid and honest about life. Simple, raw and truthful. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but after reading, I certainly look forward to other collections from the author.”

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